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Saudi Arabia’s Oil Heartland Is Calm. That’s Bad News for Iran

1 / 2 Saudi Arabia’s Oil Heartland Is Calm. That’s Bad News for Iran (Bloomberg) — At a cultural gathering in the region of Qatif in Saudi Arabia’s oil-rich east, a poet recited some of his work before taking questions…. Continue Reading →

Chagos Islands dispute: UK misses deadline to return control

The UK has been called an illegal colonial occupier after it ignored a deadline to return control of an overseas territory to Mauritius. A UN resolution this year gave the UK six months to relinquish control of the Chagos Islands… Continue Reading →

Global epidemic' of childhood inactivity

Four in five 11- to 17-year-olds around the world are not taking enough physical exercise, according to the first such analysis. The World Health Organization says children’s health is being damaged as well as their brain development and social skills…. Continue Reading →

Bacterial allies make dengue fever cases dive

Recruiting a bacterial ally that infects mosquitoes has led to huge reductions in cases of dengue fever, trials around the world show. Wolbachia bacteria make it harder for the insects to spread the virus, rather than kill them off. Researchers… Continue Reading →

Dora Maar: Picasso's lover comes out from his shadow

Dora Maar lived to be almost 90 yet, despite being a gifted artist in her own right, her reputation has rested mainly on her romantic relationship with Pablo Picasso. Now a new exhibition is aiming to bring Maar out of… Continue Reading →

Dubai Air Show: The challenges for us all in flying green

Sustainable, renewable, green: the buzz words of the environmentalists figured large at this week’s Dubai Air Show. At the last show two years ago, such things barely registered. This time we’ve had airline Etihad rename a Boeing 787 Dreamliner a… Continue Reading →

Pneumonia: How a bead necklace is tackling the disease in Kenya

Known as the “village doctor”, Beatrice Lokwawi travels around northern Kenya diagnosing and treating people who are suffering with pneumonia. She uses the beads to count and diagnose rapid breath intake, which can be an early indicator of the disease…. Continue Reading →

Dutch police podcast unearths clues to decades-old murder

Wrapped in an electric blanket metres from a busy highway in the Netherlands lay the body of a man in such a state of decomposition he was impossible to identify. It was August 1991 and the man’s chest bore several… Continue Reading →

Motorcycle taxi drivers storm Indonesia hospital to get baby's body

A motorcyclist has defended the storming of an Indonesian hospital morgue to claim the body of a baby being held over unpaid bills as a “humanitarian mission”. Wardiansyah was among dozens of motorcycle taxi drivers who decided to take action… Continue Reading →

Amnesty International: Chile using violence as a deterrent

Security forces in Chile have deliberately injured people taking part in the current mass demonstrations, Amnesty International says. The rights group said the aim is to discourage further protests. Excessive police force had led to the deaths of five people… Continue Reading →

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