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What is coronavirus, the mystery illness sweeping through China?

The city of Wuhan, China, is racing to contain the potential spread of a deadly new strain of virus that has now infected about 300 people . Over the weekend, the number of cases of the “2019 novel coronavirus” or… Continue Reading →

CDC confirms first U.S. case of coronavirus

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed the first case of coronavirus in the United States. A man in his 30s returned to Seattle, Washington, from traveling in Wuhan, China, with pneumonia-like symptoms, the CDC announced Tuesday…. Continue Reading →

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 'still being guarded by British police in Canada'

British police continue to guard Harry and Meghan as they start their new life in Canada, it has emerged – as a row over their security continues. The couple are in Vancouver after quitting their royal roles to live as… Continue Reading →

Torso of dismembered boy, 17, is still missing nine days after gangland murder

The torso of a teenage boy is still missing nine days after he was beheaded and chopped up in a horrific gangland murder. Police have recovered the head and all four limbs of 17-year-old Keane Mulready-Woods since his disappearance in… Continue Reading →

Lessons from one of the fastest-warming places on Earth

Antarctic Peninsula — Even by Antarctic standards, Elephant Island is hard to reach, which is why few people have ever set foot there. We traveled three days by ship from Argentina, crashed through waves and climbed from one rubber raft… Continue Reading →

Killer coronavirus attacks the body with pneumonia – and antibiotics don't work

A killer virus sweeping through China has killed six and potentially infected thousands. A new strain of the deadly coronavirus was first recorded in the city of Wuhan last month, with subsequent reports in Thailand, Japan, the Philippines and South… Continue Reading →

Medics in Hazmat suits screen plane passengers for killer mystery coronavirus

Footage of people in Hazmat suits seemingly scanning Chinese passengers for symptoms of a mysterious virus has raised fears that the disease could soon spread across the world. Since the unnamed coronavirus was first reported this year in Wuhan city… Continue Reading →

Father brutally tackles son’s wrestling opponent during high school match

A father has been arrested after he brutally tackled his son’s opponent during a high school wrestling match in the US. Shocking footage shows how Barry Lee Jones ran from the stands and shoulder barged the 17-year-old teen in the… Continue Reading →

China confirms virus outbreak has now killed 6 people

Wuhan, China — Chinese authorities said Tuesday that the outbreak of a new coronavirus centered in the city of Wuhan has now claimed the lives of six people. The mayor of Wuhan told China’s state broadcaster CCTV that there had… Continue Reading →

Wife 'forgives' husband for shooting sex worker dead after daughter's birth

A woman has ‘forgiven’ her husband who was convicted over the shooting of a sex worker he had hired for a party to celebrate the birth of his daughter. Elena Postnova, 25, was in a maternity hospital when Snezhana Chepsorakova,… Continue Reading →

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