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Passengers Reckon With U.S. Coast Guard Guidance That Could Leave Virus-Stricken Cruise Ships At Sea ‘Indefinitely’

When Rick and Wendy de Pinho left Buenos Aires on March 7 onboard the Holland America Line cruise ship MS Zaandam, things felt “perfectly normal.” The New Jersey couple were concerned about the spread of coronavirus, they tell TIME, but… Continue Reading →

Coronavirus updates: U.S. virus cases surpass 200,000

  15m ago Stocks tank after grim forecast of U.S. coronavirus deaths Stocks sank Wednesday as more signs piled up of the economic and physical pain being caused by the coronavirus outbreak. The Dow lost more nearly 1,000 points, or… Continue Reading →

A Drug Developed to Fight Ebola Could Hold Hope for Coronavirus Treatment

Last year, when I visited the town of Beni, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), people did not shake hands. Bottles of disinfectant and buckets of chlorinated water were at the entrance of every business. Misinformation spread across… Continue Reading →

Fighting virus in Africa is “existential war for the continent”

London — The head of the main public health body for the African Union, Africa CDC, has told CBS News that the coronavirus epidemic is an “existential war for the continent.” “What’s keeping me up at night is two things,” Dr…. Continue Reading →

Turkmenistan reportedly bans the word “coronavirus”

As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases nears 900,000 worldwide, one Central Asian country claims it doesn’t have a single positive diagnosis. And while Turkmenistan has reportedly attacked and tortured whistleblowers for years, police are now apparently arresting anyone who… Continue Reading →

Coronavirus updates: Deadliest day yet puts U.S. COVID-19 toll over 4,000

  10m ago Cruise ships must stay at sea with sick onboard, Coast Guard says The U.S. Coast Guard has directed all cruise ships to prepare to treat any sick passengers and crew on board while being sequestered “indefinitely” offshore… Continue Reading →

Global Air Pollution Has Fallen Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak, but Experts Warn It Isn’t a Silver Lining

Around the world an unexpected impact of the economic shuttering due to the coronavirus outbreak is striking blue skies and clear water in places, from Venice to Beijing, Los Angeles to Bangalore, where only weeks ago pollution dominated. COVID-19 has… Continue Reading →

China Says It’s Beating Coronavirus. But Can We Believe Its Numbers?

If you believe the Chinese authorities, the country’s battle against the novel coronavirus is all but won. But that claim is clouded by a fog of skewed data, political imperatives—and unreported cases and possibly deaths. After several days of trumpeting… Continue Reading →

Drastic, early action seems to keep a lid on Jordan's COVID-19 outbreak

Amman — Jordan has been under total lockdown since March 14. After just a few COVID-19 cases appeared around the country, the government took extraordinary measures, including implementing strict emergency laws. The Jordan Armed Forces and police were deployed to patrol… Continue Reading →

Doctor says 'avoid runners' over coronavirus fears – and not just due to sweat

With the UK on lockdown, we’re all being asked to do our bit in the fight against coronavirus and stay at home. Nine days ago (and yes, it really has only been nine days), Boris Johnson addressed the nation to… Continue Reading →

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