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TikTok down for users around the world as popular video app crashes

Popular app TikTop has crashed leaving millions of users unable to access the hit social media video service. There are issues on Android phones and iPhones. It seems the ‘like’ function on videos is completely bust – meaning people are… Continue Reading →

Shine Your Light with Bert Pope

Dentist shows how to make loose rectangular face masks fit you better

Face masks are currently compulsory on public transport with the government warning passengers they will be refused travel without one. The benefits of face masks has been one of the most highly debated topics since the outbreak of coronavirus, but… Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Linked Hunger Could Cause More Deaths Than The Disease Itself, New Report Finds

Disruption to food production and supplies due to COVID-19 could cause more deaths from starvation than the disease itself, according to an Oxfam report published today. The report found that 121 million more people could be “pushed to the brink… Continue Reading →

Expert sees “new level of repression” in Russian journalist's arrest

Ivan Safronov, a former journalist and aide to the head of Russia’s space agency Roscosmos, is escorted inside a court building after being detained on charges of treason for divulging state military secrets, Moscow, July 7, 2020. VASILY MAXIMOV/AFP/Getty Moscow —… Continue Reading →

'Living Barbie' says she's 'too hot to work' after spending £135k on surgery

A woman says she is ‘too hot to work’ after spending £135k on plastic surgery to look like Barbie. Barbara Luna Sipos, 22, from Budapest, said her obsession with Barbie started as a child. She dreamt of becoming a ‘living… Continue Reading →

The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Caused Carbon Emissions To Drop. But That Likely Won’t Last

COVID-19 has brought much of the world came to a screeching halt. International borders have been shuttered, families have kept close to home, and governments have ordered businesses to close their doors. To see the scale of the impact, look… Continue Reading →

Turkey Torn on Whether Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia Should Be a Museum or a Mosque

Seraffettin was at home under coronavirus ­lockdown on May 29 when a Muslim cleric recited Quranic verses atop a carpeted dais inside Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia museum. But the imam’s reading, to mark the 567th anniversary of the Ottoman conquest of… Continue Reading →

Why This Year Is Our Last, Best Chance For Saving the Oceans

For Mick Baron, the giant kelp forests of Tasmania were a playground, a school and a church. The former marine biologist runs a scuba-diving center on the Australian island’s east coast, and rhapsodizes about the wonders of the seaweed’s dense… Continue Reading →

‘We Heard Birds.’ Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo on How Lockdown Offered a Glimpse at a Greener City

The cyclists pedaling up to a cobbled square on Paris’ Left Bank looked like any group of friends enjoying a Sunday afternoon ride in late June. But this was no casual outing. To them, it was a revolution in the… Continue Reading →

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