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Coronavirus: Iran denies cover-up as death toll rises to 12

Iran’s deputy health minister has denied a claim of a cover-up over the new coronavirus disease, as the number of confirmed deaths there rose to 12. A parliamentarian for Qom, the city at the centre of Iran’s Covid-19 outbreak, accused… Continue Reading →

Coronavirus: Inside 'doomsday church cult' at centre of outbreak in South Korea

A ‘doomsday cult’ at the centre of South Korea’s coronavirus outbreak was founded by a man who claims he is the second coming of Jesus Christ. The secretive Shincheonji Church of Jesus and a worshipper known as “Patient 31” have… Continue Reading →

Trump to Diana: Iconic Taj Mahal photos through the years

US President Donald Trump has made what is arguably the “most important” pit stop of his state visit to India – the iconic Taj Mahal. Mr Trump signed the official visitors book at the monument, writing that the “Taj Mahal… Continue Reading →

Coronavirus Cases Outside China Are Accelerating Rapidly. Here’s What to Know

A surge in deadly coronavirus cases outside China is raising concerns that the outbreak has reached a new stage and could continue its global spread to even more vulnerable countries. In the central Chinese province of Hubei, where the virus… Continue Reading →

Chile anti-government protests mar music festival's opening night

Violent clashes between police and anti-government protesters have overshadowed the opening night of Latin America’s biggest festival in the Chilean resort of Viña del Mar. Masked demonstrators attacked shops and the O’Higgins Hotel, where many of the artists are staying…. Continue Reading →

Coronavirus: North Korea 'rejects UK's request to rescue quarantined Britons'

North Korea has rejected the UK’s request to rescue Britons trapped in a coronavirus quarantine inside the secretive country, it is reported. It is claimed that the Government sought Pyongyang’s permission for an evacuation flight after Kim Jong-un’s regime banned… Continue Reading →

China Said It Was Easing Wuhan’s Coronavirus Lockdown, Then Backtracked

China said an announcement that the quarantine of Wuhan would be eased was prematurely issued without approval from top officials. The lockdown of the Chinese city where the novel coronavirus emerged would remain fully in place, it said. The abrupt… Continue Reading →

Gold price at seven-year high on coronavirus fears

The price of gold has surged to its highest level in seven years as worries about the coronavirus led investors to seek a safe place for their money. Gold prices climbed more than 2% on Monday to levels not seen… Continue Reading →

Trump kicks off whirlwind, pageantry-filled visit to India

Ahmedabad, India — India poured on the pageantry with a joyful, colorful welcome for President Trump Monday that kicked off a whirlwind 36-hour visit meant to reaffirm U.S.-India ties while providing enviable overseas imagery for a president in a re-election year…. Continue Reading →

Coronavirus pandemic fears as Italy locks down towns and four new cases in UK

Fears of a coronavirus pandemic are growing amid a rapid spread of cases in South Korea, Iran and Italy, where a fourth person died. Italy has locked down towns, cancelled Venice Carnival events and disinfected boats and gondolas in the… Continue Reading →

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